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Tumblr is literally boring af now I just wanna delete.

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Sometimes Twitter just isn’t enough to say what I need; 140 characters can’t fill up these streets of sentences I want to say. In the end of the day I sit and realize how selfish everyone is around me. The harder you try, the quicker they push away. So when you can, just push and wait for them to fall. They’ll ask for you to grab on, but only to bring you down with them.

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(by Kim Smith-Miller)
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Good Vibes HERE
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Shout-out to my girl Lily being the best she can be. You do you, girl! You don’t need no thots in your life; stay true to who you been.
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Mom you can stop stressingMom you can stop cryingMom I can buy the groceriesMom I can pay for the houseMom I can give you whatever the fuck you need money


Me too.

Literally me now. I love that I can treat my mom out to dinner now.
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Treat a relationship like it’s a high school fling, and you’re going to get exactly that.
Say “love” like its another generic word, and you’ll never find it.
Leave when people are at their best, and you’ll always find yourself at your lowest.

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